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Location: New Delhi
Experience: The candidate should have more than 3 years of experience in MSME Sector
Reporting to: Head – Energy and Environment Department
Job Resposibility: The Manager- E & E cell is responsible for assisting cell head in planning, executing, managing and evaluating projects while simultaneously adhering to timelines and budget estimates. The position also entails-following up on new business opportunities, reporting to the clients/donors, and ensuring consistency of quality standards throughout the project life cycle.

Job Description:

• Researches and recognises profitable avenues for business development.
Assists in building strategically significant and long-lasting relationships with potential clients, having a direct impact on business, by positively leveraging the reputation of the organisation and its management
• Conceptualises articulates and submits the Expression of Interest and Proposals by leveraging on clients expectations and internal capabilities, specifying the action plans, timelines, financials, etc., by consulting the Group Head/Director whenever applicable
• Clearly defines the objectives, agenda and the monitoring mechanism of the project specifies deliverables at the micro-level, and communicates the same to the cell members. Assists in planning for manpower and allocates job roles clearly to all members involved in a project
• Assists in modifying the specifications of the project proposal, or any other component of the project execution plan, in tune with changes in the capabilities and environment
• Assists in finalising financial estimates for the project stages and ensures compliance as per the Staff Handbook
• Updates the Cell Head about the progress of each project of the cell, discusses and seeks approval on possible alternatives for clearing bottlenecks of crucial projects

• Implements the actionable of the project ensuring stakeholder satisfaction at all times, assists in the evaluation of the progress of the project at each stage, revises project details and monitoring mechanism, in due deliberation with the clients
• Upholds and enhances organisational reputation in all business dealings. Prevents situations of disagreements
• Adheres to both internal and external quality standards. Plugs gaps in quality standards, if any, by taking inputs from the Cell Head
• Arranges for validation of the Final report either internally or through an external party, as per the requirements of the client
• Adopts innovative practices and seeks continuous improvements in project deliverables amongst the Team Members
• Assists other cells in meeting additional manpower or knowledge requirement in lean as and when required.

• Ensures that the terms and conditions of the contract are held sacrosanct by all the stakeholders, and prevents exploitation of any clause of the agreement by any party
• Assists in the preparation of annual strategic plan keeping in view the macro and micro factors of the business environment
• Assists in external recruitment of manpower as and when required
• Attends relevant and enriching workshops/seminars to expand horizons. Disseminates and encourages the awareness of the best practices of the industry amongst all stakeholders
• Publishes path-breaking research findings/industry practices to enhance and promote the knowledge of the same, leveraging on personal and organisational reputation
• Ensures that the pipeline of projects and financials of the cell are consistently updated in the organisation’s database
• Highlights key achievements, displays and markets the services of the Cell through the Cell Brochure, and FMC website to leverage on potential client partnerships.

Desired Competencies/Skills:
• Proficiency in the English language
• Excellent Interpersonal Skills
• Excellent Written and Verbal Communication
• Willingness to frequent travel

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