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This project is concerned with generating new entrepreneurial opportunities and promoting product diversification for reaping economic-environmental benefits.

The project aims at addressing the problem of solid waste disposal by promoting the innovative technology of utilizing solid waste generated in foundry enterprises, known as Slag, for making paving blocks and creation of new enterprises based on this innovative technique. The project also aims at assisting existing enterprises to adopt this innovative technique in to their existing business models.

The major project will:
1. Promote the innovative technique of using solid waste generated in foundry enterprises for making paving blocks among the targeted stakeholders through sensitization workshops & meetings
2. Provide technical assistance to 40 entrepreneurs for establishing 40 new paving block production enterprises.
3. Assist 10 existing paving block producing enterprises in upgrading their existing production process for enabling them to utilize foundry slag as a raw material, in order to address the problem of disposal of solid waste (slag) generated in foundry enterprises.


Foundation for MSME Clusters (FMC) in association with Development Alternatives (DA) conducted a study during which solid waste (slag) from foundry enterprises from Punjab (Ludhiana & Batala) and Rajasthan (Ajmer) was utilized for making paving blocks at a lab scale. The paving blocks produced were tested at:

1. Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (Bhopal)
2. Shri Ram Institute of Industrial Research (New Delhi)

The test results of the properties of the foundry slag based paving blocks were found to be compliant with the prescribed industry standard and fulfilled IS 15658:2006 specifications.

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