Overview of CellsEnergy & Environment (E&E)InfrastructurePolicy & ResearchProductivity & CompetitivenessTraining & Capacity Building
FMC provides services in the areas of advocacy, implementation & coordination, training & research, and monitoring & evaluation both on its own and also by collaborating with national, international organizations including industry associations and corporate engaged in the development of MSMEs. These services are managed by 5 specialized cells and implemented throughout state teams.

Energy & Environment

The services offered by FMC in this regard are

  1. Energy audit
  2. Implementation of energy audit
  3. Lean manufacturing
  4. Waste recycling
  5. Aggregate reporting

Cell Head
Mr. Vishal Dev


The services offered by FMC in this regard are

  1. Creation of formal networks/special purpose vehicles (SPVs) in clusters
  2. Preparation of Detailed Project Reports for common facility centres/industrial parks
  3. Implementation of common facility centre projects

Cell Head
Mr. Ask Sharma

Policy & Research

he services offered by FMC in this regard are:

  1. Research studies in thematic areas of cluster development
  2. Global developments in cluster and value chain
  3. Preparation of Case-studies
  4. Product market surveys
  5. Cluster Observatory
  6. Union and State Government Schemes for Promotion of MSMEs in India

Cell Head
Ms. Sangeeta Agasty

Productivity & Competitiveness

The services offered by FMC in this regard are:

  1. Implement Cluster Development Programmes (CDP)
  2. Manage cluster development programme

Cell Head
Ms. Sangeeta Agasty

Training & Capacity Building

The following training’s offered by FMC in this regard are:

  1. Policy formulation for cluster development
  2. Development of common facility center
  3. Management of industry associations
  4. Cost reduction
  5. Aggregate reporting
  6. Cluster development management
  7. For university students in cluster development
  8. Schemes for MSMEs
  9. How to Double your profits

Cell Head
Ms. Neetu Goel