About this Initiative

Foundation for MSME Clusters (FMC) is delighted to present you Art-hi-shan is an initiative to connect friends and lovers of handicrafts and handlooms eventually to 2 million artisans of India.

Art-hi-shan is a COVID-19 initiative of Foundation for MSME Clusters (www.fmc.org.in). FMC does not earn or receive any financial benefit through a potential transaction or any business communication between a buyer and seller. Almost 50 per cent of the total amount of the product consists of livelihood (income) of the artisan while the remaining of the amount consists of raw material and other overhead cost. 100% of the product amount goes directly to the artisan. 

FMC does not own or has any legal right/obligation on the product images or products which have been displayed on this platform. In this regard, an email from each of those artisans, artisans group/association have been received on official email id of FMC, i.e. [email protected] whereby they have verified the fact that FMC does not have any legal right or ownership on these product images or products sent by them through email or through WhatsApp to FMC representatives.

Product images that have been displayed on this platform are unedited and as received from artisans/senders. If you have any objection, you can directly contact the respective artisans whose contact numbers are made available on this platform on filling up the required registration form. It is also to inform you that FMC does not also take any responsibility for product shipping or any damage to the products. However, in such cases, respective buyers can approach FMC and we will try to connect to you with the artisan concerned.   

FMC is a not for profit registered trust established in 2005 having its head office in New Delhi and in other 15 states of India as regional/project-based offices. We are a specialised organisation in the area of the cluster and MSME based value chain development with a team of more than 40 professionals. So far, we have worked over more than 200 clusters in India with over 100,000 MSMEs and more than 250 BMOs (association/group of MSMEs) in 16 countries across the globe. Energy efficiency, market creation for household enterprises, infrastructure creation, BMO Promotion and governance support and policy & research for the MSME sector remains some of our key areas of intervention. For further details, you may visit our website (www.fmc.org.in) or write to us at [email protected].