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Foundation for MSME Clusters is providing internship program for recent postgraduates. You will have the chance to apply your theoretical knowledge in the day-to-day work of the organisation. The aim of the program is to give interns the exposure in the field of MSME over a period of 3-4 months. This is an opportunity for hands-on learning and on-the-job training.

Internship Program 1:
Digital Marketing of for marketing of Bamboo and other craft products
i) To Prepare a Road Map for Digital Market Promotion for where bamboo products along with other craft products are listed.
ii) Provide a Business Plan w.r.t.
iii) Analysis of craft-related relevant e-commerce platforms along with e-com platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc and suggest a plan for a) products, b) colour theme, c) price range etc. as per the suitability of existing e-com portals
iv) Listing of 300 Bamboo and other craft products on 10 major e-com portals

Internship Program 2:
Wholesale and Retail Marketing of Bamboo and other Craft Products
i) Create a detailed marketing strategy for Bamboo and other craft products
ii) Prepare a database for 100 potential bulk buyers of craft sectors
iii) Prepare a detailed assessment of existing exhibition (online and offline) platforms related to bamboo and other craft sectors
iv) Create a sales plan for unsold inventory and execute selling of more than 50% of unsold products

Internship Program 3:
Creation of Communication Collaterals and Tele-Marketing
i) Create various communication collaterals like Photo-story Book, Product Catalogues, Brochures, Flyers, PPTs, Website Content, Social Media Content, Product Story, digital campaign content, advertisement content etc for Bamboo and other craft sector
ii) Tele-marketing through the existing database of 1000 buyers and provide feedback

Internship Program 4:
Creation of Various Business Manuals/Policies for Producer Companies/Collectives of Bamboo and other craft Sectors
i) Creation of Sale Policy
ii) Creation of Marketing Policy
iii) Creation of Procurement Policy
iv) Creation of Digital Policy
v) Creation of Discount Policy
vi) Creation of Pricing Policy
vii) Creation of Finance Policy
viii) Other Policies as suggested

Internship Program 5:
Identification and Assessment of Digitalisation training/knowledge materials for MSMEs and particularly for Bamboo based Micro Enterprises
i) Scouting and Compilation of Training Materials, Courses (short-term and long-term) and knowledge repository available over various domains and with institutions in India
ii) Scouting and compilation of schemes available related to digitalization of MSMEs
iii) Understanding the digital requirement of MSMEs and particularly microenterprises through a quick survey
iv) Undertake an assessment study of these materials
v) Prepare a suggestive note for the type of digital materials to be developed to cater to the need of the MSMEs

Interested candidates can send their resumes to [email protected]