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FMC provides services in the areas of advocacy, implementation & coordination, training & research, and monitoring & evaluation both on its own and also by collaborating with national, international organizations including industry associations and corporates, engaged in the promotion of MSMEs. These services are managed by four specialized cells Energy and Environment, Infrastructure and Governance, Policy and Research and Market and BMO Promotion.

Moreover, all these specialised cells are equipped to do general productivity and competitiveness related activities like preparation of Diagnostic Study Report (DSR), the general cluster related research, soft intervention in cluster etc. Each of these four cells are supported by 2 specialised divisions i.e. informatics and Finance and Administration.

BMO Promotion

Services offered:

  1. Creation of Producers Company
  2. Management of Producer Company
  3. Market Promotion
  4. Skill Development
  5. Promotion of MSME BMOs

Cell Head
Mr. Sagnik Lahiri
[email protected]

Energy and Environment

Services offered:

  1. Energy Audit Study
  2. Energy Audit Implementation
  3. Lean Manufacturing
  4. Waste Recycling
  5. Aggregate Reporting
  6. Promoting OHS

Cell Head
Mr. Abhishek Kumar Srivastava
[email protected]

Infrastructure and Governance

Services offered:

  1. Creation of formal networks/special purpose vehicles (SPVs) in clusters
  2. Preparation of Detailed Project Reports for common facility centres/industrial parks
  3. Implementation of common facility centre projects

Cell Head
Mr. Ask Sharma
[email protected]

Policy and Research

Services offered:

  1. Policy Studies
  2. Preparation of Case-studies
  3. Policy Workshop
  4. Market Survey

Cell Member
Ms. Areesha Fatma
[email protected]

Finance and Administration

Services offered:

  1. Compliance
  2. Audity
  3. Finance
  4. Adminstration
  5. Human Resource

Cell Head
Mr. Amit Tyagi
[email protected]


Services offered:

  1. Management Information System (MIS)
  2. Websites
  3. Cluster Observatory

Cell Head
Ms. Shivani Seth
[email protected]