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Assessing Industrial Innovation process and suggesting policy support framework in India

What is the Project About

The objective of the study is to assess the process of Industrial Innovation and suggest suitable changes in the promotional policy support framework to stimulate innovation in India. The study will complement the measurement of innovation through National Innovation Survey by amplifying the findings obtained therein and co-relate the findings with existing promotional policy framework; and recommend necessaryAssessing Industrial-Inside Photo modifications therein among the schemes being implemented through various ministries & institutions under the Government of India.The study will be taken up in 4 locations-Ludhiana (North), Hyderabad (South), Howrah (East) and Ahmedabad (West). I idea is to undertake a case study based research to assess the process of innovation and understand causalities of factors driving the same. Enterprises who have successfully created/executed innovations and also enterprises that would like to see it happening shall be studied through a framework of scope, opportunities and challenges besides the stakeholders that are likely to be involved.

  • Assessing the process of innovation and understand causalities of factors driving the same.
  • Provide the policy makers insights about what works and what not and why.
  • A cross cutting analysis of the common challenges, roles of different type of institutions and ways to resolve the same will provide valuable policy inputs about the promotional initiatives, regulatory measures, infrastructural services and ways to scale up innovation promotion in India.
Project Overview
Project Start Date:
Jan. 2015
Project End Date:
Jan. 2016
Cluster Covered:
Ludhiana, Hyderabad, Howrah and Ahmedabad
Department of Science and Technology (DST)
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