Study on International Best Practices in Organic Clusters Development under “Support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Organic Clusters Project-OCP”

What is the Project About

The project’s objective is to create an overall enabling environment for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) operating out of organic clusters (i.e. in informal clusters) and increase their contribution towards economic growth and employment. The direct beneficiaries of this nationwide project are owners and workers in organic MSME clusters.

To Conduct a Study Organic Cluster-Inside PhotoThe implementing agency for this project is the Egypt Social Fund for Development (SFD), mandated to coordinate the development of the Micro and Small Enterprises in Egypt, thereby contributing towards poverty reduction and job creation. This is achieved through policy development, the provision of financial and non-financial services, as well as the coordination and implementation of community development initiatives.

Project Overview
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African Development Bank, Egypt
  • Identify international best practices in organic cluster development so as to feed into the policy work at the national level, to improve the enabling environment of MSMEs in organic clusters in Egypt and maximize their potential
  • Provide SFD, as the project implementing agency, with up-to-date information on successful methodologies to use to better implement planned project activities in pilot clusters. The assignment should focus on studying MSME cluster development in countries similar to Egypt and identifying best practices that could be applied within the Egyptian context